Readers choose Carrington as preferred flag bearer

New Zealanders have spoken and Lisa Carrington is the front-running favourite to lead the Kiwis out in the Olympics’ opening ceremony.

In a poll run by the NZ Herald Online, Carrington beat out fellow female athletes Valerie Adams and Lydia Ko, gaining 34% of over 2000 votes.

Adams came in second with 30% while Ko was third with 16% and Sonny Bill Williams tied for fourth with 7%.

Most surprising, is that neither Carrington nor Valerie Adams are expected to attend the opening ceremony with their events taking place a week later.

In the past, the flag bearing responsibilities have usually passed to someone who has achieved highly on the international stage and who is a favourite for a medal at the Olympics.

However, with Adams and Carrington both expected to be out, the question must be asked if it’s time to give dual responsibility.

If that was the case, Eric Murray and Hamish Bond would be jostling with Blair Tuke and Peter Burling for the rare opportunity.

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